When I was young I used to look out the window of my bedroom across the valley to the hills beyond and wonder what was there and where the cars on top were going.  If I were to walk beyond and keep going it would take me to Lake Erie and beyond to the Great Plains and The Rockies and eventually to the Pacific Coast.  It called me.  I wanted to go even at a young age.  I did eventually travel a bit but not to the extent of my dreams.  We make little tiny decisions every day that affect the rest of our life.  I have come to the conclusion after deep introspection and self searching that we are not really in control.  The little decisions we make put us on THE road, the only road that we are destined to take.

I started this blog as a release of emotion for myself with the hope that someone else could benefit from this release.  My thoughts put down, in an essay of sorts, has helped me through some tough times and has given me great relief and solace.  I hope that even with my limited readership it has done the same for someone else.  The journey of caregiving  morphed to a journey of grief.  Each had its own challenges and, oddly, rewards as well.  I want to thank those of you for your kind words and comments along the way.  I think it is time (one of those little decisions) to end my caregiving blog.  I will write again in another venue, perhaps another time.  We will have to see where the road goes!

So maybe this is what it looks like from the other side of the hill, beyond the sunset.  How life has twisted and turned!  As always, my eyes are wide open and full of wonder like the kid looking over the hill.  I want you all to know how much I appreciate you in my life.  Go every day, search, love, believe, want, be satisfied, listen to the birds, find a new band, look at the horizon and wonder, “what if?”, but most of all…..SEEK JOY!  It is out there, every day, even at the worst moments of life.  Be strong and face life with courage.  You are on the path given to you.  Make the decisions with that in mind.

Seek joy.  Peace my friends.