When the day is dreary it is sometimes difficult to get up and go out.  A book, a cup of coffee and a fire are all inviting ideas to escape the walk.  Nice ideas, however dogs still need to walk.  I don’t have the curl up by the fire pups.  Mine need to be walked.

So with an extra layer and wintery garb we head out on our daily trek.  It is rainy with a slight breeze and the fog is rolling over beautiful Hemlock Lake.  The fog quiets the world like the Principal at school subdues the unruly students.  It is serene and inviting.  It is perfect in a way.

How often is it that we anticipate being uncomfortable so we avoid our tasks or responsibilities.  It could be a social event we are unsure about, that walk in the cold, that swim in the ocean.  I wonder if by avoiding the discomfort I missed out on something special.  

Recently I have looked at life differently.  I see a life that was molded for the purpose it was to assume.  Guided by unseen hands. The thousand daily decisions that each of us make seems to be a woven fabric of joy and tears preparing us.  I think I have learned to not fight it.  Enjoy the walk in the mist.  Step out into the world and wash yourself with the thought of just being.  No pressure.  You are on the path you need to be on.  We get into trouble when we force ourselves to something different.  

Peace and joy!