Perspective.  So often our goal is to reach the top.  The view is magnificent….sometimes.  There are times that the summit is the best and there are times that the viewpoint where you are currently is so much better.  

Can you look over a valley floor from the hillside and see the pain of someone’s heartache?  Can you imagine the joy of a playing child from up there?  Distance lowers objectivity and creates an insulated perspective.  

Can you really say that our leadership whether corporate or governmental provides the best viewpoint for the workers and the governed.  Are they creating dogma in a cloud, shrouded from reality?

Even in our own families we make decisions without full clarity.  We, the people of the world, are complex and integrated in our surroundings and clouded by the judgements of others.  We must find our inner voice.  The one that works through the fog to the truth.

The walk was damp and foggy.  The silence was brilliant.  Life’s arteries were filled with the snow melt and we’re rushing to the lakes below.  Growing larger and faster as each vein collided with the next.  Singular of purpose, refill, revitalize, rejoice.  Wildlife quieted in reverey.  “Just be”, the trees whispered.  Find clarity in the fog.  The world rejoices.  Don’t look.  Listen.  Whatever your viewpoint today.  Listen.  Peace and joy are there, even in the cloud.