A hiking path, well marked, winds it’s way through the barren trees.  Littered with footprints in the snow from previous treks.  We walk enjoying our conversations as they peak and wane.  How many times before had we taken this well worn path individually, divided by schedule and responsibilities.  How many others were like us?  Baring their souls to the trees in an effort to be healed and praying for understanding.  We are fragile.  Our lives thrown asunder by life itself.  Yet we are resilient.  Bearing burdens of trials and tribulation.  In the end, we are often as strong as we have to be.  The path of troubles you are on has been trod by many.  There are few unique problems in the world.  We exist.  We strive.  We struggle.  Then, when least expected, there is company on the walk and perhaps the burden of the soul is eased.

Peace and joy my friends.