I don’t know about you but in some form or another music has been one of the biggest influences on my life.  It creates or reflects a mood, offers entertainment, initiates thought, provides subtle background.  It is a vehicle.  There is nothing like it.

My tastes in music have changed dramatically over the years.  Pop, folk, country, blues, jazz and Christian music have all spoken to me at one time or another.  What I always seem to come back to is a great voice.  I think the human voice with minimal accompaniment by acoustical instruments is the purest form of emotion.  That is my go to.  Others have their own styles that speak to them.

The key is to use the music, or whatever it is that helps you, to understand your own thoughts or get through the tough times.  I write as well to work through my “stuff”.  Many times before I write it is a song that starts the thoughts that turn into the article.  Find your vehicle, find your voice, sooth your soul with music.

Peace and joy to you all!