Typical spring day, cloudy with occasional rain.  The air is clean and moist with a gentle breeze.  A bald eagle rides the air currents facing into the warm south wind and with a gentle flap of those enormous wings, it keeps him almost stationary over the intended target.

Walking along the  lake it is wet and a bit sloppy in spots but it is an old roadway so much of it is dry to walk on.  The pups will need a towel when they get home but they revel in the dampness and the odors from other dogs and wildlife.  The hillsides gather the morning rains into rivulets  that cascade down ravines splashing and tumbling to the lake below.  Last summer’s drought is a memory and the winter and spring have refilled the basin that was very low last fall.

Losing someone close creates an emotional drought that affects every aspect of your being.  The stress and physical demands of caregiving drains the basin of emotion.  Often the only important need tended to is that of the patient.  Suddenly that goes away when you lose that person.  What is left is an emotional drought.  That does not refill overnight.  It takes time and patience.  It takes a return to life, a refocus of values and resilience.  Nothing happens without working at it.  Maybe it takes some time to refill the basin but I hope and pray that in the natural course of life that the basin is full and strong for the next time it is needed.

I wish you all a full basin that overflows with peace and joy.