Laurie loved the show Fixer Upper.  Incredibly popular because of the hosts’ playful easy manner and rustic farmhouse style like Laurie’s Christmas fence, I couldn’t help but make parallels to life in general.  Like the old gold miner’s town we visited in Arizona there is something about older styles and buildings that draws us to its nostalgic charm.

In 2011 Laurie and I went to North Carolina to adopt a pair of cattle dogs.  Zeezee is the girl shown and was a true rescue with unbelievable issues.  To this day she is very reactive and quite sensitive to noise and remains very excitable.  She is also so very loving and sweet and incredibly smart.  She has her emotional scars and her quaint quirky ways but those imperfections are what makes her such a special little lady.  She was very difficult for the rescue to adopt out and I am proud that we were able to give her a great home.

We as people need to rescued sometimes too.  I often think that adopting dogs give us purpose and makes us better as people.  I have said before I wonder who rescued whom?  We are so very imperfect, so human.  Having lost Laurie, I was drawn to this beach photo that I had fun with a few years ago.  Grief often makes you feel like that pic.  A little unsteady, wavy, kind of stretched out mentally.  I know there is purpose for all of us.  After caregiving for the last few years and then losing my beautiful bride, in an odd way, it makes you feel like you have less purpose than before.  I am searching for my next purpose.  I have been lucky, I suppose, because so many people never really identify their purpose.  I have had several that I know of and so many more that I have not!  We try to be perfect to a fault.  What we are is perfectly imperfect.

There is beauty in the imperfection of nature as well.  We went to Sedona years ago.  Insanely beautiful.  After an impressive hail storm our guide drove us for sunset opportunities on a hill overlooking the valley.  I snapped this rainbow photo as the sun popped out after the storm!  Perfectly imperfect.  The last photo was taken with an old phone that had a vintage camera app.  Again right after a storm on Canandaigua Lake in the Finger Lakes region of New York.  The camera phone brought out the purples and to this day is one of my favorite pics.

There is such joy and vitality in imperfection.  How often do we love a singer with a raspy voice.  We call it character.  The old farmhouse imperfect look, we call that character.  A colorful person that draws your attention, we call that person a character.  That dog that has been through so much who is now our best friend, we call a character.  Perfectly imperfect.  I guess no matter the circumstance, we are all Fixer Uppers!  There is beauty and joy in that.  Let’s give ourselves a break.

Peace and Joy to all!