A log lies decaying four feet through,

The life it had from seed to sapling,

Harboring life in its limbs,

fighting ever skyward in harmonic competition.

It succeeds in a full life but succumbs to time and Mother Earth by God’s hand.

Yet in its demise it provides life.

It opens the forest canopy so it’s offspring may carry on.

Other species thrive in it’s decay.

Life in circle but time as always is undefeated.


Dogs lead a different existence.

Most we bring to us, to give us pleasure, purpose.

We have removed them from their nature and they accommodate,

offering comfort and protection in exchange for food and shelter.

They live a far shorter life than a tree but are no less important.

Look in a dog’s eyes and witness the love of God.


So where do we fit?

Do we understand our finality?

I say live your life as the tree.

Provide life and protection while you live and nurture

the future of life in your own demise.

Receive and give without jealousy or malice.


I say be the dog and look at others with the love of God in your eyes.

Cherish your moments, live the life of a dog and the decaying log.

Fill your soul with peace and happiness.