Sixteen years ago today, with a voice so hoarse from a cold that baritone was not possible, only bass, I asked a beautiful single lady on a date.  A few days later we were on a date that lasted 12 hours.  The beginning of Laurie and my life together.  Valentine’s Day has and will never be quite the same.  I was fortunate.  I am a lucky man.  

As with all beginnings there are endings as well.  I lost that great fortune, the essence of joy.  It is different now to come home.  Two wagging tails still grace my entrance but there is no voice, no tales of how the day was or what we should do about this or that.  So many people are without this very thing every day, but to me it is new.  I’m adjusting but I miss her.  There is no escape of grief and a day like this makes it even more difficult. 

You see, here’s the thing.  So many have never expirienced the life I had.  The simple struggles but faced down with a loved one!  Simple joy, simply content, simply gracious, simple profound life. I am not sorry.  I am grateful.  I am pretty happy.  The physical void is filled with memory.

Now, back to the beginning.

Peace and Joy!  Seek and begin.  Bring joy to someone who is alone this Valentine’s Day.