Our economy runs on things and gift giving.  Enormous fortunes are built and lost on the latest whims of society and advertising.  Those are things, stuff….all disposable.

What are our greater gifts?  We probably never realize it at the time or truly appreciate it but the individuals that grace our lives through the years are the great gifts that God bestows on us.  We are molded by them.  Our family, our friends, our teachers, every encounter in our lives is a brush stroke to the final painting that is our own life, our own legacy.  So to are we the same to those that we touch.  We influence without realization.  It can be as simple as a glance to a stranger at a particular moment.  It can be as complex as a marriage.

Jokingly people will tease by saying, “Do you know what they are saying about you?”  My smug answer has always been that I don’t really care what they say.  The reason for that answer is a deflection of the truth.  The truth is I would love to please everyone but we all know that is impossible.  The best we can do is do what, in our mind, is true to us.  If we could learn to not lie to ourselves we would go so much farther to ending our disputes.  To be truthful with others requires inner truth and acceptance.  The lies of advertising and the scrutiny of others twists our inner truth to compliance.  We don’t realize we are doing it, we just react.  It is how we have been influenced.

To spread goodness, live with joy in your heart so the simple glance at that stranger is filled with the light of compassion and not judgement.  Allow and teach yourself to see the positive.  Grow in spirit by allowing graciousness in and deflecting evil.  Life is a balance of all things.  There is evil in the world.  Balance that with the light of your love.  Be the greater gift whether it is a glance or a lifetime of influence on someone.  We all fail.  We all have success.   Allow yourself to be human but grow your life, no matter your age by searching the good and denying the negative.  Be joy and be life.

Peace and joy my friends.