“Outside of the box”… I dislike that term.  To me that term steals individuality.  It promotes the idea that we all think alike and we should conform to societal thoughts unless we are instructed to do differently.

No one thinks the same way as another person.  Many times when people come to the same conclusion it has as many different paths as the people who believe in the conclusion.  We contrive our arguments and our reasoning to support our conclusions.  We START with the conclusion too often.  I do it and I get angry with myself when I do.  It is an emotional way to live.  Emotion, in and of itself, is not a bad thing.  It does however block the path of common ground and compromise.  If you can set aside the emotion you can now open yourself to other views and philosophies.  If you can truly do that you give yourself a much broader base.  Better conclusions come from that.

In our political forum today there is great emotion.  There is a huge attack of opposing premises based on societal conformity and long-held beliefs and emotion.  I applaud the protests and the involvement of so many people standing up for their conclusions.  I ask you all, by all I mean BOTH sides of the arguments, to step away from the emotion of your discontent and analyze your premise and train of thought.  Then find someone of the opposing view and listen to them.  If you hear the real reasoning now you have the base to come to the conclusion that is closest to the truth.  The trouble is, no matter how we try, emotion never steps aside.  It drives us!

I expect that there is one truth no matter our own belief system.  To me, (the truth I seek) it is God’s truth.  Talk about an emotional subject!  I don’t know if I’m right or wrong.  I try to let everyone I have influence with to live their own lives and find their own conclusions.  I try to accept them for who they are.  I ask all of them now to find out and look within themselves to seek their own true premise for their beliefs.  Not what we were force-fed as children.  In your heart of hearts seek YOUR truth!  Now you are ready to state your case.

I believe that I will seek peace and joy.  If I smile as you argue and walk away, you at least now know where I stand.  I stand with God’s truth.  I go now to find it.  I think it is in the woods.