From the deep south to the frozen north the opportunity to love our lives is there.  We need to seek to find.  This can be a daunting expedition.  To achieve this solitary journey it requires will and perseverance….and opportunity.  We must wade through the daily worries, the tricks of our mind, the stress of our self expectations.  Bound by the straight jacket of “what if” and “why me” our brains bypass the present, busy on the unresolved.

I delivered a young man to his family and watched his life change in the 2000 mile trip.  It made me smile.  I enjoyed my days in Texas.  Fishing, a sea turtle release and an array of kites made a day on the beach pure pleasure with my younger son.  My older son and my granddaughter went on a visit of NASA and I enjoyed watching her at play.  It was a terrific little vacation.  It made me smile and I am at peace.  I try to concentrate on now, but grief still visits.  I accept it. I begin thinking more about what is to come. I will accept that as well.

Now at home in the Finger Lakes it has been an easy winter so far.  A cold spell covered the lake with ice.  A couple of inches of snow and yet another thaw has added water to the surface.  The sun has been missing for a couple of days but it now peaks out over the thawing lake to join in a dance of light.  The dance lasts minutes but the crowd of one enjoying the show will keep it and use it to go on, knowing there may be other dances but this one is unique.

So many are struggling.  They may not see the dance.  Cancer, illness, sudden death are the stories in my life this week.  I more than anyone understand their pain.  I can only pray for them and perhaps offer some simple photos of joy to take their mind from the pain.  May anyone reading this enjoy the photos for a moment.

Seek joy and peace. Be well my friends.  I will pray for you.