I sent a single word text, “Home” to my friends and family signaling safe arrival after a 10 day road trip.  I grew up basically in the woods.  Surrounded by trees is always a comforting place for me.  The word itself implies a sense of being, belonging to something tangible.  

Songwriters spin tales like “There’s a Place for Us”, “Feels Like Home to Me”, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” are all about belonging.  Kris Kristofferson wrote in “Me and Bobby McGee” she’s been lookin’ for that home, and I hope she finds it.  But I’d trade all my tomorrows for one single yesterday.  It connects with us because, while Bobby was searching for home, the writer had found his version of home in her.  It’s powerful. 

Separation is difficult.  Whether it is divorce, a break up, death, moving from your parents and starting new there is a segment of grief involved.  I know this first hand on a number of occasions.  We want to belong.  A single man that I know just passed away.  He was well known as a bus driver for the school and he worked with my Dad.  After he retired he could be found at every sporting event the school had, whether girls or boys.  That is what made him feel at home.  The town will grieve his passing because he actually was a part of home.

When I lost Laurie, I lost home.  The townhouse where we lived was only a structure.  It was never home.  She was home!  It is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.  I search for my next true home.  Maybe a place is out there somewhere.  For now I have my pups.  As exasperated as I get with them, they give me a sense of home.  Where I am is certainly home to them.  

Death is sometimes called “going home” and I truly believe that is the ultimate home.  I am grateful and satisfied that I was the one to “walk” Laurie home.  It made me feel like I belonged to something so much greater than this place that we call…..home.

(To my friend Karl and his family.  God bless you all.  Together you are home.  Be strong!)