This has been quite a year.  So much loss, so much anxiety.  My heart, my mind, my being has been transformed.  It would be common to see the negative and allow bitterness to seep into my bones and view the world in angry rants and cynical remorse.  Oddly enough quite the opposite seems to have happened.

I got lost today.  I’m pretty good in the woods but I didn’t pay close enough attention and wound up with a walk of a few extra miles.  Other than being late for a truly important appointment it was awesome!  My heart sings with joy in the woods.  The pups and I found this random batch of ornaments.  A small piece of joy.

O.K. I was 20 minutes late, I have been forgiven and I was able to catch up with a friend for whom I have great respect.  It was a day of self forgiveness.  I didn’t even realize it but I was beating myself up over many things.  I was able to clear my head on many of those things.  During our talk it occurred to me that we are where we are when we need to be there.  No one knows the path.  It is not really our path but the course laid before us.  A turn here or there and it seems we are lost.

We make hundreds of tiny decisions every day that can have gigantic effects on our life.  We don’t know.  About the best we can do as we journey is to look for the random ornaments in the trees, ask for forgiveness for our mistakes, forgive each other and forgive ourselves.  You are not lost, it is simply the journey of life.  Be the source of joy.  It was the best day.