The boat lift waits.  It waits for the sun to work it’s way back to the north with the promise of warmth and length of day.  As the sun slips below our lake effect cloud bank (All the way from Lake Huron today!) I’m reflecting on how grateful I am for family and friends.

The temps are in the 20’s, the wind is raw.  It’s a Carhartt kind of day.  I feel no more alive and vibrant than on a day like this.  The joke is that I was born in a blizzard and have been a cold weather guy ever since!  

As we approach 4 months since Laurie passed I’m thankful for being able to travel and visit my family, have dinner with friends and being able to have a warm home to go into to escape the winter’s harshness.

In a time of presents and hectic travel plans may we all remember while presents are wonderful, it is our presence that is most desired.  Not just being there but being engaged and participatory with our loved ones.  Be present this most joyous season.

God’s peace and joy to all of you!