Moving is no fun.  Sometimes it is necessary, sometimes it is a blessing, and in my case it can be heartwrenching.

It is never easy to lose someone you love but God has his own plan and we deal the best we can.  I’m not sure why my neighbors decided they wanted a new place now or why my sister just happened to have a loft available or why the former co-worker told me he had acreage right where I would like to be.  It wasn’t my plan but I was open to it.  

Moving is hard but disassembling a life has extra difficulties.  A friend, who also recently lost her spouse posted on Facebook about missing her brother and husband at Thanksgiving.  It reminded me of just how lucky I have been to have Laurie in my life for 15 years.  

The sun comes up on another Thanksgiving, my 60th, and I will be forever thankful and grateful for the joy of loving and the joy of caring for my beautiful bride.  Missing you Lolo!

Peace and Joy to all of you this Thanksgiving .