The butterfly made from Laurie’s cards honoring the hospice employees and Serenity Volunteers.

I haven’t written in a while.  For the first time I was away meeting my 1 year old granddaughter for the first time.  It was so nice.  She is a happy vibrant little girl.  It got me thinking….

What is legacy?  Is it property that we leave behind or something that we build that gets carried on for generations.  Is it an idea that we convey or is it a child or a grand child.  Not to get to political but I got the idea that our candidates were planning their presidential library before they won the election.

What if it is just being who we are?  The butterfly above was made from over 200 cards that Laurie received while in the comfort care home.  She was inspirational.  She was dignified and humorous and so completely brave that everyone that came to see her left in awe.  I can’t imagine having a better legacy.

Who needs a building named after them anyway.

Peace and joy.