The Finger Lakes region is resplendent with color.  A walk in the woods is soothing to the soul anytime of year but the fall with its crisp air and bright colors is worth rejoicing.  I miss my partner especially during these walks.  To share this kind of joyful meandering intensifies its value.  That is why maybe I feel more complete when I share it with you.

Laurie and I liked to visit lighthouses when we came across them.  There is an inherent compassion in a lighthouse.  A continual warning of danger, ever vigilant, yet symbolic for homecoming and voyage, depending on your point of view.   Amidst our day-to-day lives, weaving in and out of appointments, heartache, worry and strife, joy stands, lighting our way.  It is there to give us pleasure on our voyage.  It is there with compassion offering hope and guidance.  Do you look for joy?  The lighthouse is worthless to the mariner who is unaware.

Peace and Joy my friends!