On her birthday a couple hundred or so gathered to bid a very fond adieu to Laurie.  Her smile and gentle spirit has touched so many.  Her dignity and grace under the most trying circumstances has touched many more.  I appreciate all that she has taught me and the greatest of these things is a joyful heart.  

You see there is a brevity to life.  We have just so much time and we do not know when or where.  We all have some form of fear and anger and conflict in our hearts.  Everyone.  

Anger and conflict and fear are easy.  They are right there.  Waiting, lurking, for an opportunity to make us feel vindicated or worthy.  That is the easy way out and allowing them into your heart actually perpetuates it’s own device.

What most people are seeking is a joyful heart.  They just don’t recognize it.  We are a stubborn lot, often fighting what is best for us.  

If you want to show how tough you are, lead and live your life with forgiveness.  Forgive yourself first and forgiveness of others will follow.  What happens is love and joy begin replacing the anger and the pain.  It’s hard, really, really hard and it takes a tough, strong thoughtful minute by minute approach to achieve.  I’m not all the way there yet.  I hope to be.  I want to spread joy not bitterness.  

My Butterfly has taught me great joy and showed me how to live with grace and dignity.  I pray she helps us all replace our anger with joy and love.  What a legacy.  You are always near.  I love you.