We are not deterred by the rain, in fact it calls to us.  As the car climbs to our destination I notice the hilltops are in the clouds.  The mist weaves through the early autumn leaves like a child’s hand on a velvet furred kitten.  Exploring, caressing and the leaves seem to drink the embrace saying, “Where have you been?  We have missed you.”

Entering the woods the first thing I notice is the smell of pine and the rich earthy decay of leaves.  It is heaven.  (Nearly as nice as fresh ground coffee)  Then you notice the colors.  Tree trunks darkened from the rain and the slate gray sky offer stark contrast to deep glistening green leaves.  A bit of autumn yellow glows gold in the understory. 

Raindrops sound the march and the dogs are especially aware of the smells of the animals that have passed this way.  They stop often, unaware of the damp.  They are simply being.  Simply being seems to be the right call for today.

There is much to accomplish at home today.  It will wait, lurking in the background but for now….it’s good to just be.