OK, it’s too late for this year.  It takes some planning, agreed.  Now you have a year.  “I can’t miss the first weeks of school.”  You are a teacher of art and more importantly a teacher of life.  When I see your paintings they make me feel.  I want to see it in person to hear the sounds of the trains that you have shown us.  Many times I think I can hear them or smell the diesel.  I hear the rustle of the leaves in your landscapes.  What you have to teach about transferring your senses to a canvas cannot always be taught in a classroom.  So here is my solution.  It will take a year’s worth of planning and experimentation to get it right.

This is not a Jay vacation.  It is an opportunity for your kids and students to learn real life skills.  Team with your computer science teacher.  That person will have his students set up a remote simulcast station in your classroom.  Your kids will run the operation from the aspens.  Teach by telling them what you feel like looking at this glorious sight.  Have the science classes study the world’s largest organism.

There is no “box”, only opportunity to learn and share first hand the glories of the world with your students and your family.  It might be one of their best memories of school.  So let’s set it up.  I will go too if you want to sit around a fire and sing John Denver songs. LOL  If you don’t go I swear I will paint them myself!  If that happens no one will ever go see them again!

Set it up and let’s go!  Tomorrow is not there forever.  Are you in?  I’m calling you out! Let’s go!  It’s important.  The world and the aspens are waiting.  By the way, bring your fly rod.