Life is more free these days, at least time wise.  No appointments on the calendar, no one to take care of… well except the pups and the cats.  By mutual agreement the cats fend for themselves except for food and water and litterbox.  They head outside, wait for their food then go about ruling their domain.  They are cats, that’s what they do.

The pups would rule the area if I let them but it would be a terror based rule that my neighbors may not appreciate!  Instead we hike and at times it is directionless.  Always excited and anxious to go, the girls yip and dance and jump into the car.  They ride somewhat anxiously as they await our destination.  An oddity that I’ve noticed is that one looks ahead and one behind.  (Maybe another post one day.)  When we get close the excitement ramps up.

We begin and curiosity and the need to take care of business have them out front.  As the walk progresses say in 2 miles or so my more anxious girl starts lagging back.  I’m pretty sure she isn’t tired.  I think she is bored.  I start directing back toward the car and soon both girls are behind me.  The car comes into sight and suddenly both girls are in front and bee lining to the car.  A welcome drink of water and we head home. 

I have errands to run and as I get ready I see the dogs.  A referee could count them out!  KOed!  Mission accomplished.