It’s February.  Where do you go on a first date in February.  I wanted to go somewhere warm.  Much to my “advisors” chagrin I opted for a butterfly conservatory.  It wasn’t the venue they were opposed to, it was the distance.  “You’re going to be in a car for 90 minutes each way! Just go have a drink.”

Five years later we were married on a boat on beautiful Keuka Lake.  It was a great time.  10 years married and I had to let her go home.  This too, in its own way, was a beautiful time.

Less than two weeks after Laurie left us I was invited to the Ontario Yates Hospice butterfly release honoring the patients and caregivers that they serviced during the year.  Laurie passed away surrounded by cards of hope and encouragement from friends and family.  200+ cards were a testament to her kind and thoughtful being.  My Mom was a great “re-user” of cards.  Frugal, frugal, frugal!  In that vein I asked my artful sisters to make Laurie’s cards into a butterfly!dsc_7417 The organizers asked if I would speak.  Under dressed, (I had no idea of what this was!) and unprepared I read what I hoped might help all those folks in the audience remember what they did for their loved ones.  I read “You Be Peace, I’ll Be Strength”.

After the ceremony we released butterflies in honor of our loved ones.  It struck me then how full circle and appropriate this was.

From butterfly to butterfly, from Keuka Lake to Keuka Lake.  You see the ceremony was held at Keuka College Chapel about 1 mile from where Laurie and I were married.  Our journey has come full circle.dsc_7420