I suppose there is a book on grief somewhere.  Rules, expectations, examples of handling the stress and strain and even the huge change that occurs from caregiver to the one left behind.  I guess I’m an outside the box type of person.  I’m pretty sure I grew up and spent my adult life not even aware that a box existed.  I do what I think is right most of the time and damn the consequences.

So in my handling of grief I hike with my dogs and camera, trying new and different venues.  I came upon S6 trail in Harriet Hollister Recreation Center near Honeoye Lake.  I was thinking of all those things it might stand for.  Stress level 6?  For me that was a possible!  So instead of using the “box” reasoning our whole walk was a reduction in stress.  A few days ago the stress level was 10 so I was happy to think it went down to 6!  A beautiful place, a beautifully peaceful walk and I tried to breathe and enjoy.

The next day I felt refreshed and had a golf outing scheduled and lunch after with my sister.  Again a great day of golf and nice lunch.  Right before I came home my sister says, “Do you realize your shirt is inside out?”

I guess maybe I have a ways to go.  At least it was outside the box!

Peace, seek joy.  (P.S. Joy is often times outside the box.  I know this because I live there.)