Over and over for the last 2 plus years I have had this thought while taking care of my Laurie.

This life we lead in all its myopic self indulgence is in fact very temporary.  The path I walk on with the dogs is an old railway.  May 14 1964 two trains going full speed collided.  The three railroad workers who passed away due to the accident and their families had a difficult lesson in how temporary life is.  The railway was temporary,  the grand (at the time) telegraph was temporary although the pole still fights that in the second photo.

My beloved Buffalo Bills not winning a Super Bowl is temporary! (Keep the faith) Even the permanent that you folks with hair might get only lasts a few months! (Why is it called that?)

So what endures?  I believe love is an energy.  According to physics energy is neither created nor destroyed.  Love is transferred from temporary being to temporary being.  The people surrounding Laurie have been transferred tremendous quantities of love!  This I know to be true.

Transfer your love and receive it at well!

Hate is a temporary thing. Let it go.

Love endures.  Give it freely!