Paul Simon wrote; “You have to drift in the breeze, before you set your sail.”

Humans love to plan.  I get it.  It gives a sense of order which if successful in turn gives a sense of accomplishment.  Successful people have mastered this skill.  They aren’t successful because they tripped and fell into it.  Good for them.  I hate it.  I hate planning, being on a schedule, following maps, figuring out the best or fastest way to get anywhere, clipping coupons, following recipes.  To me life is a grand experiment.  It’s kind of like Cutthroat Kitchen.  You get your plan all in your head then some jerk throws a package of Gummy Bears at you and says you have to put this on your steak.  By the way it had better taste amazing.

Cancer is the Gummy Bears of life.  It makes you stop what you are doing, turns your well planned life upside down and forces you to do unspeakable horrible things to your body in hope that you can get back on schedule.

Screw the schedule.  I prefer to drift in the breeze a while longer and enjoy the sunrise, a blooming flower, a laugh, a made up recipe (I tell Laurie all the time that ‘It’s just an experiment’), making up stupid things to try to entice a smile or a laugh from her.

Pick a day.  Get in your car or bike or on your two feet and just go.  Direction doesn’t matter, time doesn’t matter, destination doesn’t matter.  Go and look for the little things.  The color pattern on a bug, a field of flowers, a restaurant you have never been to, cook hot dogs over an open fire, dream, float….be.

Drift in the breeze!