It is strange how life weaves its way. The last 15 years we have spent together, married for 10. We have traveled some but not extensively. Something always came up to change our plans or redirect us to familiar parts of the country.
This journey has been one of a different dimension. A journey of ignorance and humility. Your road stops are doctor’s offices and MRIs and surgical rooms and waiting rooms. You are certainly not alone. You see the same people at radiation until your time is up. The oncology team has conferences for caregivers and patients. You get to know some of them. The next time you go they may not be there. One unlikely couple have been there 20 years. TWENTY YEARS! The mean time of death for a Glioblastoma patient is 15 months. The cancer patients are remarkably positive. Not just one or two, almost ALL of them. Bill, the twenty year survivor says that you stay positive and enjoy each day. Maybe God tweaks something in their brain. Who knows?
What I do know is that Laurie has acted like royalty! From day one remarkably unflappable. “We have to do this Laurie.” “OK what’s next.” Not a tear about her condition.
We are on a journey. It is an emotional marathon. While I don’t wish this for anyone, I have never learned more about life than I have over the last 2 and 1/2 years. That’s right, almost a full year longer than the mean. What’s next Laurie?

Forever grateful

I’ve always felt a wanderlust.  I remember as a boy extolling the virtues of Montana.  I have still never been there.  I was preparing to possibly move there or other parts of the west when I met Laurie.

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