Lolostrong is a rallying cry, it is a battle cry, it is pretty amazing.  The term came into being to provide support for my wife, Laurie, in her fight against brain cancer.  I am Dan, her husband and primary caregiver.  I would like to tell you a bit about her story, offer and receive advice and support for the other folks going through this life on this particular road.  There are many of us and the blogs are plentiful.  Hopefully I can add something new to the forum.

I have tried to stay positive through this time and although I have no doubt of the eventual outcome, my mantra through this journey has been to “seek joy”.  It is not always easy.  There will certainly be times when it will seem like anything but positive.  Territory.  Sometimes the territory dictates.  I can dictate but it doesn’t have to define you. Stay strong….Lolostrong!

So feel welcomed.  Contribute, tell me I’m right or wrong.  Share your joy, your heartache.  We are here together, let’s be better!

Courage and strength,